Thursday, 4 February 2010

Little jumpers

While Mr Kinkatink was in hospital, not much in the way of knitting got done. Not for want of trying, but curiously I found myself quite busy. Somehow I couldn't quite get round to picking something up and making it, although I did spend quite a lot of time browsing books and patterns, and thinking about what I might like to make.

At the same time, the pregnancy hormones were kicking in, and alongside them, the urge to tidy and organise (doesn't happen often), and to allocate projects for particular bits of yarn and fabric. I've been meaning to make the boys jumpers for ages, and remembering a big bag of cream chunky I'd been given seemed perfect. These are both those circular Elizabeth Zimmerman jumpers that you knit as three tubes and then knit together. Genius. The big one is 108 stitches round (and too big for Child A). The smaller one is 88. They're lovely and cuddly, and my two lovely boys look obligingly coordinating without being weirdly cloned in their not-matching jummies.

Needless to say, since Mr Kinkatink came out of hospital, I've been making stuff to the point of exhaustion. I think that probably I have a set amount of stuff I make a year, and if I have a lull, it's followed by a flurry. Or, more likely, if I have a flurry, it's followed by hiatus. I've also been making pairs of things. There'll be more on this later. Fortunately, I haven't made a pair of babies, so all the twin creations must have been inspired elsewhere.

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