Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Celebrate the boy is back...

... And what good timing it is!

I would say that I'd attempt to make something every day or post something every day as some sort of challenge. The internet seems to be full of challenges. But this week it's enough of a challenge to feed and dress my boys, let alone celebrate them.

But I was excited to see it back, and I hope it's a super fortnight for two of my favourite blogs: MADE and Made by Rae

And look, I can put their boys in and have a post with pictures without having to find the widget for the camera.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

One pair of jeans: Two projects

I know I've posted refashioned jeans into denim skirts before, so I won't bang on about this one, other than to say its substantially, er, wider, than ones I might have mentioned before. Inevitably I put on rather a lot of weight while pregnant, and whilst I'm not beating myself up about it, I do need something to wear in the interim whilst losing weight period. I don't know where the jeans came from in the first place, but they were in a bag of post-preggo clothing that hadn't seen light of day for a while. As jeans they didn't work too well (too long, too baggy, too high waisted) but the colour was good so they got the skirt treatment.

The bag is from Stitch Savvy , my new favourite book (other online book retailers are available).

It's the first thing I've made from it. There's more to come for sure, although for a small and allegedly 'beginner' item, it was curiously time consuming. I'm hoping that was as much to do with me not being used to the format as opposed to being broadly delusional about my own abilities.

And finally, a group shot of bag, skirt and photographer's assistant. 9 months in the making, and still a work in progress. Cute though!