Sunday, 7 February 2010

Baby Surprise Jackets

Something you read about in blogland, and see people mention quite often, without really knowing what they are, is the baby surprise jacket - another Elizabeth Zimmerman confection. The idea is they're knitted all in one piece, all in garter stitch, with the shaping formed by increases and decreases. It ends up looking like a cuttlefish but then folds up into a jacket. What a surprise!

Elizabeth Zimmerman seems to have a bit of a cult following, really since the seventies. I quite like how she writes, but can see how it might be really irritating to some. It's full of 'work will look strange, but trust me and PRESS ON' and the like. Her instructions for knitting turtle necks are 'carry on in rib until you can bear it no more'.

And because I seem to have to do 2 of everything at the moment, and because BSJ1 was so pleasing, and because I have a surfeit of sock wool, I decided to do a pink one too.

Two little BSJs. The blue one is destined for one of my oldest friends (most longstanding that is - she's only 7 weeks actually older than me, but is curiously touchy about it). The pink one is going to be kept just in case The Spawn is a Pink Spawn. I can't believe it would be, but you never know. Otherwise, it'll go to the first girlchild born after The Spawn. What lovely surprises!

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