Monday, 18 January 2010

Promises promises

Back in October I said I'd post again soon. I really meant it, but then circumstances prevailed against me. Mr Kinkatink got swine flu, and I spent a week being unsympathetic to his snuffle-snorting and then drove him to hospital where he spent a month in intensive care with pneumonia, a word which now appears as if by magic in my predictive texting. Hat no longer appears, the first preference now being ICU, and boring has been usurped by coping. Apparently he was the illest person in Bristol not to die - quite a claim to fame. Now every time he sneezes (although he couldn't for a few weeks, lacking the lung capacity) I flinch. Men with man flu are now vindicated.

At the same time, Child A developed an auto immune response to his minor dose of swine flu, known to the trade as HSP. This manifests as swollen joints, lesions, vomiting, headaches and possible kidney failure. For about three weeks he couldn't walk. He's had it before, and spent a couple of days in hospital then, but I wouldn't let them bring him in this time.

So, understandably perhaps, this didn't leave much time for crafting, although I had already laid the groundwork for a third major opus:

So yes, I spent November and December rotating between children's hospital, intensive care and midwife. I love the NHS, it's brilliant. And it's better than magic because it's real.

But now things are on the mend. Mr Kinkatink is out of hospital and on the mend. Child A is mostly fine, though there's the possibility of recurrence. As the scan shows, Child C is gestating nicely and the computer is still back in the dining room. One of these days we'll even get a radiator in here so I can post without wearing my coat. See you again soon.

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