Friday, 2 May 2014

April is the cruellest month

Well, so said TS Eliot when he was in more pensive than Practical Cats mood. April hasn't been especially cruel here, but it's certainly been busy. Spring break. More snow. A Living Social offer at  a local fabric store which saw me buying half a hundredweight of impractical knits. And then all of a sudden it's May, and I didn't manage a post in the whole of April, although I certainly started a bunch in my head.

But this post really is just to say I've signed up to Me Made May and as such will endeavour to where something home made every day this month. I might even get my head around other social media and post to Instagram or Twitter or something similarly new fangled.

Going back to my to do list for the blog for the year, this is the bloggy thing to get involved with.

It's Day 2. I did quite well yesterday with a refashioned skirt and adjusted tshirt (I'm counting those) and today I'm wearing another adjusted tshirt and a homemade skirt (a Zinnia which I haven't blogged about yet).

In other news...

This is not about to become a running blog, but just in case you're interested, April was a month of firsts for me: I ran further than a half marathon distance (14.5miles) for the first time. I did squats with over 40lbs on my bar and I almost, so so close, ran over 100 miles in the month. If I counted all the .2s it would have been. And if I had totted up the month's mileage on Wednesday evening (April 30th) rather than Thursday morning I would have gone out and run another mile there and then just to make sure. What's particularly annoying is that I certainly won't do 100 in May, and probably not June. And then we'll be travelling in July and August so I probably won't then either.

I will learn the lesson of patience instead. Ha.

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