Thursday, 27 March 2014


Despite being a proselytising atheist by nature, I decided to do two things for Lent. Firstly I gave up wheat, realising I had a rather dependent relationship with my bread bin and that my diet needed shaking up a bit. The first few days were pretty tough, but then I made a batch of flapjacks which got me through a few long afternoons (although they possibly didn't do a lot for addressing my afternoon carb cravings). It's getting easier, but I'm still looking forward to a raisin bagel for breakfast on Easter Day.

Secondly, I decided to try to challenge myself to sew for an hour each day. I must say I haven't always managed, but some days I've done more so I think it about evens out. I've enjoyed the practice of trying to carve out time for things, but generally it's easier to carve out time for things I can do out of the house (like running or going to the gym) because there are a lot of distractions at home. That said, I have got loads done, and it makes me realise how much you can achieve with just one hour a day. Next year I might do a whole year of one hour a day, but with different things. It would make for a fun experiment!

So I made my Geranium dresses for my friends daughters. They are currently in transit from the US to the UK so I hope they get there and she likes them. I mean they like them. In a rare moment of snowlessness I managed to photograph them in the yard.

The top one is an age 4 with gathered skirt, patch pockets and frilly cap sleeves.

The other one is age 6, with a notched neckline, pleated skirt and inseam pockets. I like how they are clearly from the same family, but not identical!

Snowlessness does not equate to windlessness so they're blowing about a fair bit. Also the neighbour's kid was out shooting hoops at the end of the road and giving me funny looks. I didn't want him thinking I was sewing dresses for my boys (although it was tempting to try them on them).

The sunshine was deceptive, it's still hovering around freezing, but I caught sight of a brave crocus which made me yearn for the sun and summer. So optimistically I decided to make a little denim skirt out of some thrift store jeans and yellow bias tape. For some reason I have yard upon yard of yellow bias tape. Clearly I made if for some project or other, but seriously, there's yards.

There's more snow forecast for tonight so I'm not anticipating wearing this any time soon.
Looking back at my list, I think I'm doing quite well:
  • More pjs for the boys: DONE
  • Another couple of Wiksten tanks for me: one DONE
  • A Wiksten Tova: fabric allocated.
  • A pleated skirt for the summer. Maybe this Zinnia. And a Moss. Not done, but I'm hoping for the patterns for my birthday.
  • A Lola dress (I actually have fabric for 3. Whoops). DONE
  • Geranium dresses for a friend's daughters. DONE
  • Finishing the Impromptu quilt I started last year. DONE
  • Making the Pigeon quilt I bought fabric for a year ago. DONE

But now in other news, I have something else to finish. A Marathon. Yep. A Marathon. 26.2 miles. I did a half, really only with 6 weeks notice, figuring it was about time I pulled my finger out and did something with my time. Other than sewing, obviously. Whilst I was training, applications opened for the Marine Corps Marathon. There's a possibility I got a bit carried away in the moment, but I entered the lottery and, oh dear, got a place. The website tells me it's in 215 days. Best get training.

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Kate said...

Beautiful dresses!