Thursday, 12 June 2014

Me Made May: er June

Well, I got off to a cracking start on MMM but then I hit a bit of a rut. Not because I ran out of clothes, but more I ran out of photography. My husband went away for a few days, we don't have a full length mirror and my arms aren't long enough for more than a face selfie. Also I wore the same thing a few days in a row and it was too embarrassing to record that for posterity. In the end, I did wear something home made every day. I just didn't record it.

I also made some new things. Dresses. The Coffee date dress to be precise, although I made mine without the ruffle at the front. I actually made three, and inevitably haven't photographed them, although I wear them all the time.

Just for a change, this is made with Marimekko upholstery (well, quilting weight) fabric. I added pockets to the side seams which makes it awesome and I love it. It's a bit see through at the top though, not so much that it's indecent, but that I can see where the facing finishes. If I did another one in white, I might do a fully lined bodice. Or I might just not do another one in white. Or I might just live with it. The options are endless.

The fit on this dress is great. That's why I made 3. And once I'd got it all traced it was a pretty quick sew. So this goes nicely with the 'make a dress that isn't a sack and wear it' resolution I set myself. Pleased with that!

The other big thing for me this month has been sewing running stuff. Not much, more hacking it, but still a change of direction. Really the only days I don't wear homemade it's because I'm in sports wear all day. These days are rare it must be said. There's a blog I read sometimes called Ginger Makes. Goodness Ginger makes a lot of stuff. Anyway, she made some terrific sports wear just as I was making mine, which makes me look completely amateur.

My running group had ordered club tees, which are fun to wear for races and things, because inevitably there'll be people there from other groups so you recognise each other. Anyway, the one I ordered was a funny shape and I wasn't sure whether I would actually wear it. Realising that meant that if I cut it up and it went wrong, I still wouldn't wear it so I wouldn't really lose out. Now it's a slightly lumping tank, which is fine. And I did wear it. I also made a completely ridiculous running tutu out of the worst fabric ever. But it too has a pocket. There will be more running tutus with pockets. Just not out of tulle with paint splodges on.

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Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner said...

Wow impressive! Wish I had that kind of talent. Love the MRTT shirt of course!