Sunday, 17 March 2013

What to do with the legs

So you've made a nice skirt. You still have 2 legs left. What to do with them? There's only so many patches you can make for your kids' trousers, and sewing new trousers out of old denim is just too tricky.

There's a very nice bean bag / foot rest type thing on the Guardian that you could make out of them, if you were so inclined. I think it would look good in a kids' bedroom. However, my boys sit on the floor. Or, more likely, run around.

However, what I made was a little clutch bag, from the lovely Clever Girl. Perhaps it was her that inspired me to blog more: it's her new year's resolution too. I see she's just made a travel tote bag too . I need one of those!

My clutch bag is made of legs (obviously) and some lovely silk, origin unremembered, that's been sitting around for years. I'm trying, for various reasons (related to the need for a travel tote) to use things up. Legs and 2 square foot of silk is a great start.

For my next trick, I'm going to work out straps and internal pockets. But for now, I have a pretty pouch, too small for an ipad (not that I own one) and too big for anything else.

*edited to add that I now use this to store our passports...

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