Friday, 29 March 2013

Red skirt

This is another project from Stitch Savvy. I had hoped to be doing lots of sewing at the moment, as I feel very enthused by it, but curiously I don't seem to have a lot of time with 4 boys at home.
I liked the construction of this project, but managed to get a couple of the pieces back to front which then made things rather complicated. One of the pocket pieces also seemed to have been printed back to front, which didn't help, and there was no sizing guide in the book, so I just kind of winged it. Now the weather just needs to perk up so I can wear it.
The main fabric is a heavy cotton which I think was trimmed from the bottom of a friend's curtains. There's just about enough left to make some little boy trousers from too. The floral fabric inside the pleat was a gift from a friend. I feel like I ought to make something lovely and special from it, so inevitably it's just languishing in a cupboard. Once I'm back to a less extravagant size, I have notions of turning it into a shift dress.
One of the things I really like about recycling fabrics is the way in which your clothes are imbued with meaning even before you wear them, so that when I eventually come to wear this skirt, I'll remember the clothes swap I got the fabric from, and going out for lunch on my birthday 3 years ago and being given a lovely gift of flowery material and carrot juice.
Peek a boo pleat skirt

Peek a boo pleat skirt peeking

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