Sunday, 2 February 2014

New year's resolutions... busted

So, Christmas, new year, came and went. I never did write that post about buying sustainably made clothes. Or about Christmas crafting. Although I did actually do some. And I resolved that this year I would get my act together, and I would sew and craft and create and I would photograph it and write about it and I would do at least one post a month. Well. That hasn't worked, has it. In my defence, I've written this post a dozen times in my head. Does that count?

I thought for my January post I would write about what I want to do with this blog for the year. Whether I want to keep it going or not, and if I do, then how I'm going to actually manage it, and what I want to achieve with it.

And so my theme for the year is going to be 'Finishing'. Finishing in various senses of the word, firstly as in completing projects which I have either started or at least envisaged, and secondly, in the technical finishing of a piece, so making sure the threads are knotted,  and tied. Hems are pressed. Grafting is done. And also that details are included. Pockets. Buttons. Finishing touches. That's kind of point 2.b. But also thirdly, in the spirit of being more environmentally conscious, finishing things I already have, so no more fabric for a while. Unless it's gorgeous. Or a bargain. Or necessary.

So what am I going to make this year? No doubt other stuff will creep in, but broadly I would like to make / finish the following:

  • More pjs for the boys
  • Another couple of Wiksten tanks for me
  • A Wiksten Tova
  • A pleated skirt for the summer. Maybe this Zinnia. And a Moss. Which I know isn't pleated, but I have just the fabric for.
  • A Lola dress (I actually have fabric for 3. Whoops)
  • Geranium dresses for a friend's daughters
  • Finishing the Improptu quilt I started last year. Oh dear. I just looked at the Flickr pool. Everyone else finished ages ago. 
  • Making the Pigeon quilt I bought fabric for a year ago

And challenging myself a bit, with new projects and blog stuff
  • Making more things from the books I  already have
  • Making a dress for me. Like a proper fitted dress, not a sack, and then wearing it! Maybe a Coffee Date Dress
  • Participating in something bloggy. Kids clothes week is now, so it ain't going to be that! Perhaps if I can get my head round it I might do Me Made May

I also seem to have remembered how to knit again, so would like to do a couple of things. I already made an O W L sweater, which I've wanted to do for years. Now I have my eyes on a Quince studios Camilla.

So, 2014. A year of blogging and finishing. 1 post down. 11 to go. Phew.

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