Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A quilt for Luther

I made this quilt for a baby in the UK.  I imagine it's a fairly basic quilt pattern, from Stitch Savvy (again), although I  made broadly read and broadly blue blocks and then interspersed them, which I think gave it a bit more consistency.
His mum did her PhD on cycling, so when I saw the fabric from Fabric Worm, it was the obvious choice.

I also used up some bits and bobs from the cupboard.

It's backed with orange flannel because orange is his mum's favourite colour. And because the pattern made up one foot squares, I decided to quilt random ish one foot squares, which look good ish, but were a pain to do. Live and learn. As I can clearly neither cut, sew or quilt in straight lines, I wonder if quilting is the craft for me. That said, Luther is only 6 weeks old, so isn't a very discerning critic yet. Perhaps he'll grow up thinking that's what they're meant to look like.

Quilting's a funny old craft isn't it. I'm constantly torn between the kind of random, thrifty, Gee's Bend kind of quilts, and the more modern, beautiful interpretations of American traditional quilts. You can certainly spend a whole lot of money on what used to be a real make do and mend activity.

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