Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A bag for me

We're having our dining room floor re done. The dining room is where the computer lives, so at the moment, we have no dining room, all the dining room furniture in the wrong places (2 tables in the kitchen anyone?), all the contents of the dining room furniture (good crockery, a zillion glasses, all my material and wool) stacked in the spare room and no computer. So I'm writing this at work. Don't tell! But my work computer won't let me edit photos. So one of them is sideways. Sorry.

It's another of the Buttercup bags, like I made for Anja from some jeans a while back, but in red cord, like Child B's red cord trousers I made in the winter (now, sadly, lost), and lined with some lovely Indian printed cotton that lovely Rosie bought me.

I blogged about Child B's trousers when I made them. For months he had demanded red trousers. Whenever I got him dressed, he wanted red trousers and cried when I couldn't provide them. Shops only make red trousers for girls, and though that usually wouldn't bother me, I just couldn't find a pair that would do. So I made them for him. When he next demanded red trousers, I produced them with a flourish, but he just cried all the harder. Not those red trousers. But it's his birthday today (3, my goodness), so I'm feeling indulgent. Happy birthday piglet.

I love you and my new red handbag.

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Helena said...

I read your blog! But you've disbaled comments on the "no-one reads my blog" post so I couldn't say it there.
PS You should blog the moustache that I missed out on. Sooo gutted. Amazing present.
Also, go to www.sitemeter.com and see who does actually read your blog. (And the insane google searches that led them there...)