Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tshirts to dresses

I do like a wardrobe refashion and I particularly like it combined with a clothes swap.

This little dress was a tshirt. You know what a tshirt looks like, so I didn't take a picture first. It had capped sleeves and was fine, but nothing special.

I had been holding forth about how easy it was to make little girls dresses out of tshirts, and then someone rather called my bluff, by saying go on then.

So I did. And I must say, I'm rather proud of it.

It's got a ruffle.

It's got a pouch type pocket.It fits the child it was intended for.
I proved a point.

Job done!

The second tshirt is for another friend's little girl. Still a work in progress, but nearly there.

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