Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Billy's jeans: the remix

The bag I made for Billy has been received to a surprising amount of critical acclaim in the office. Several months on, he's still carrying it, says his Mum (who sounds, in his words, awesome) approves and receives compliments on it. It also led to a commission for me! How exciting. My friend and colleague Anja, who puts the mental into environmental, had a job lot of jeans for the charity shop, so redirected them my way.

I've upped my rates a bit, so this cost her 2 pairs of jeans, 2 tshirts and a jar of lovely home made jam. Oh, and some fennel, but I think I was doing them a favour after a veg box overload.

So I made not one but 2 bags - essentially, and without wishing to gender stereotype, a boy bag and a girl bag. Except we're grown ups now, aren't we. A Man Bag and a Lady Bag. Look, Grown Ups get Capitals.

The man bag is the same model as Billy's bag. I think I put it together in a slightly different order, and there was a bit more jiggery pokery with the tshirt lining as I did it all with one pair of jeans and one tshirt. If I say so myself, it's rather nice.
For the other one, I actually followed a pattern, and you can too. It's a Buttercup Bag from Made by Rae There appear to be a zillion of them out there, but none, as far as I could see, made from Anja's old jeans. Also, they all seem to be much bigger. Maybe something went wrong somewhere.

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