Thursday, 11 September 2008

Three times the excitement

So, today is exciting for onetwothree reasons.

First, I got pictures of my green leafy lacey blanket in situ. Not even a week old, and already sporting such stylish knitwear. Interestingly though, her mummy has put it ninety degrees clockwise to how I would have done. Still, I couldn't possibly comment, firstly because it's a gift, and once they're gone, they're gone, and secondly because it wouldn't do to comment on anyone's (quite obviously terrible) parenting...

Second: new Knitty with the most fantastic Op Art Blanket and some lovely lace patterns. Clearly I have something for knitting leaves, as the
leafy socks are pretty cool too.

Third: I'm now on my hols (dances little jig). We're off to Croatia for some loverly sunny sunshine. I've packed so many books I don't have room for clothes and I'm taking lots of Noro yarn ends to make some Christmas hats with. No pictures yet as wouldn't want to spoil surprises. The boys will just have to entertain themselves with a stick and half a biscuit. See you when we're back.

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amyrowe said...

the leafy edge is near the baby's head so she can admire the BEAUTIFUL stitching